Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil

What is it: A newly launched organic face serum ($65) for the age old annoyances for the drying season up just ahead. Reduce that winter drabness with this deeply rich elixir on its own or by adding a few drops to your night creams. Or, use it after one of those dastardly chemical peels. I did this weekend, and it was a skin saviour as the usual patches of dry flakes were banished within minutes leaving more of a polished glow than ever before. Yup, strip off the old skin with treat up the newly refined one.

Why it matters: Because the brand manages to always bring such fresh-out-the-garden blends, you can’t help but reduce redness and inflammation with 10% natural oils – think Coconut, Rice Germ, Baobab  and Strawberry Seed oils. Haven’t heard of the last one? Neither had I. Research shows it’s quite potent with linoleic, alpha-linoleic and oleic acids, penetrates rather fast, and actually smells very faintly of sweetened fruit.

Why it impresses: Sunny as a flower, sniff out the grassy Roman and German Chamomiles which calms skin’s temper tantrums while an Australian Sandalwood adds the teensiest hint of sensuality to the blend. There’s a serene moment of Patchouli – simple yet fleeting at best. Catch it if you can, because it does add a classically quiet oriental accord here without veering the scent towards the usually seen hippy-ish one. No, rather this oil has that a spring-is-here freshness that dispels luxury at first touch. HINT: Greedy for Chamomile? Try using the complementary Soothing Cleansing Balm ($53) after any harsh derm treatment as this has an anise-scented Licorice with the above-mentioned essences to deliver the fully sweet drama of Chamomile and Sandalwood in all their sensory glory. Works deeper if you've got the Clarisonic to prep up skin for the oil.

The Final Word: A summation of nature’s equilibrium brought to calm temperamental skin types. Like yours…and mine alike.